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I had Stretch Marks all along my stomach. I think part of it was from my pregnancy and part of it was from weight I gained a few years back. I really wanted to get laser surgery to get my stretch marks removed. But it just wasn't in my budget. I was desperate to find an alternative. So I searched the web and asked friends and you name it I tried it. Nothing was working. The thing with Stretch Marks cream is that they take a month or so to see results. My sister in law finally recommended a cream called dermazan skin eraser. I gave it a try. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice any difference. But by the end of the 3rd week my stretch marks were about 50% gone! I was amazed and started packing this sucker on day and night for the next month and by the end of the second month about 95% of my stretch marks were completely gone. My husband couldn't believe it. He even started using it. I recommend this method to everyone. Its super cheap compared to laser surgery but not having stretch marks is priceless.

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Ordered on May 29, got the standard your order is 'awaiting fulfillment' email. Nothing since. Have emailed multiple times. Called multiple times. Never an answer or response. Really wish I would have read these comments before ordering. Definitely a scam. How do we go about getting this site shut down?


Can anyone help to report this and get our money back? I ordered on 1st june still no response from them. Who do you report this 2?


Ordered something May 30th still says awaiting fulfillment. No phone number on site. No response to emails. Wonderful.

Jack Mehoff

What really helps with stretch marks is if you jack my swollen cock off till it explodes and let the goo splash all over your body and the stretch marks will just fade away...............Fade aw...............a.............y.


OMW im in South Africa and heard a lady at work speaking about this producs and recommeneded it to me. she said her hubby got it for her when he was that side so I ordered and yes, u guessed it. Awaiting fulfilment,

Wow i cant believ i fell for this. so gonna look for this women and want my money back.


Same problem with dermazan. Must have been a scam. Out $46.00 U.S. my loss. Pretty pissed but a lesson learned. Now to contact the California B.B.B.. I see the Web store site is down for maintenance. I wonder really if it is just a Web site problem and that is why the orders have not gone all the way through. Just a little wish full second thoughts.

Dale in FL

Dermazan is a scam. Ordered but never received. Got 2 confirmation emails. One from a google account and another from another email account. Watch your credit account closely


so from all the reviews is a can any one tell from where should i get this cream..i really really need it

mandisa south africa

I think I'll just leave it wanted to order by people r complaining this Samantha must tell us wher she comes from and how she got it


Please friend, help ask your sister inlaw to tell us where she got the dermazan skin eraser. Please help!

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