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I had Stretch Marks all along my stomach. I think part of it was from my pregnancy and part of it was from weight I gained a few years back. I really wanted to get laser surgery to get my stretch marks removed. But it just wasn't in my budget. I was desperate to find an alternative. So I searched the web and asked friends and you name it I tried it. Nothing was working. The thing with Stretch Marks cream is that they take a month or so to see results. My sister in law finally recommended a cream called dermazan skin eraser. I gave it a try. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice any difference. But by the end of the 3rd week my stretch marks were about 50% gone! I was amazed and started packing this sucker on day and night for the next month and by the end of the second month about 95% of my stretch marks were completely gone. My husband couldn't believe it. He even started using it. I recommend this method to everyone. Its super cheap compared to laser surgery but not having stretch marks is priceless.

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I bought Dermazan Skin Eraser and it works really fast.


Where can I buy this cream? I tried to google it and am unable to find Dermazan Skin Eraser. Thanks!


I'm going to check this out. Sounds promising. To answer the comment above: I found it on the website


I ordered a product from on May 19th and it hasn't arrived yet. The order status still say waiting fulfillment and I tried to contact customer service twice and have gotten no response. It's May 30th today. I'm not sure what to do. Is this website a scam? How do I get my money back? Has anyone else experienced this??


Hi. I was just looking up dermazan and I think that it may be a scam. I could not find any video reviews on YouTube or any written reviews, for that matter, that seemed to be legit rather than obviously fabricated storys of how great the product was. I also got on a website I found that reviews the site to see if it is a likely scam. One of the things that caused a red flag was the fact that the owner of a website was using technology to hide his name and the actual business address. I hope that you do get a refund or the cream. If you do get the package let me know please. Meanwhile, try to report it. Good luck:)


I am experiencing the same problem with Dermazan. I've tried contacting them via email twice. Placed the order three weeks ago and they posted a tracking number for the shipping but nothing has been picked up by USPS. I am going to try calling the number on their website tomorrow. Is there anything one can do if they never receive products ordered online and cannot contact the business?


I've had the exact same problem with dermazan. Ordered on the 4th of June and haven't even received an email with a shipping number. Also no reply from customer services. Did you have any luck phoning the number on their page?


Looks like I'm in the same position :-( how do we report this site . I want my money back


I'm in the same situation I ordered on Monday the 9th and I have not recieved an email confirming my purchase or any communication. I've tried to log on to my 'account' but my email says it does not exist but I spent nearly £40 on the stretch mark cream!! If there is no cream I'd rather have my money back. Anyone know where we can report this??


I can't believe people still fall for this stuff. The person who posted the original post is obviously with this company. Do your research before spending your money.

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