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Hello Ladies! So the past few nights I have been experiencing a horrible yeast infection. I had a prescription and I've been eating sooo much yogurt but the itch was insane. So I did some reading and one woman suggested take coconut oil, roll it in plastic wrap so it looks like a mini tampon (1/2 in thick and 3 in long) and freeze it. Once it's frozen insert it like a tampon. It did WONDERS not as cold as you would think. Tips: clean as much yeast out before inserting it. It melts fast. Very messy. Do it before bed, line your underwear, and expect oil on sheets and pants. LAY DOWN. Also, for those like myself who HATE yogurt, I found that plain yogurt was tolerable (and even better for you) if you add orange flavored benefiber! A world of a difference! Good luck!

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