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Okay so I read a lot of these remedy's and nothing has really worked maybe for 20-30 mins and the pain is back , what worked for me and I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not but it works like a charm , I have a bottom tooth that has a hole in it you can't see it because its on the back side and it hurts bad , my face is kinda getting swollen but nothing too bad just a lot of pain , so I've tried the garlic , I tried alcohol really strong homemade stuff and it only works temporarily but what works fine is if you or someone in your family wears dentures there's a glue for dentures try putting that around the hole if you don't have it go buy it because it will work I promise just take a little on your finger or tooth pick you don't really need much and just cover the hole with it the stuff actually swells up and covers the hole perfectly of course I can still feel pain when I bite down on the tooth but my pain went from 8-9 to 1-2 from this it definitely works and the stuff takes a while to dissolve in your mouth it will have you sleeping good and I know a lot of you don't have health care and stuff so you can't get the tooth fixed right away but that's my only way that helped me and it worked good I'm here normal again don't have to hold my mouth and deal with the pain its pretty much like a temporarily filling , not sure if its a smart idea but hey whatever works going to to a dentist Monday and see what happens.



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that sounds like a good idea going to try this one...thanks for the tip


... My girl had the same idea , thankfully she wears dentures so we have some laying around. Going to give it a try. Thanx for the tip, ill keep you posted..


Worked great .. and I can drink a cold beer again !!


You are a genius! If I ever meet you in the street, I will give you a big hug and thank you.


sSo I had this cracked tooth and there was nothin i could use to stop the pain considering were the crack was in my tooth no whole just the crack but it was bringing me EXTREME PAIN so i had read here about the polident and it WORKS EXCELLENT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Just awesome my tooth has been broken by a dentists who did not know jack. My nerve was exposed and pain unreal no insurance or money as I am a widow and mother of 2 this was great sending you much love and thanks for this it works!

trisha feeney

You are a life saver my son was im extreme pain wuth a cracked tooth to late for a dentist so i tried what u said and it worked a treat thank u so much xx


Thankyou you are a god didnt go to work coz of an exposed hole in my tooth and i tried ur remedy what a relief thankyou again


thank u so much it worked and now i can get some rest truly ur a blessing:)thanks again

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