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For upper back pain (between shoulders) I use(d) a few different approaches - One is to have someone a bit bigger stand behind you while you fold your arms (like to cover chest vertically), and then exhale while they pick you up by reaching around with their arms slighty under your chest but above the stomach, and they pick you up and kind of give you a shake,or two with their chest pressed against your back.

Or lay on stomach on floor and have someome smaller gently walk with hands or feet slowly pressing down evenly on either side of spine starting from near the top and gradually moving downward.

There's also a couple of 'do it yourself' methods too. Where one places something firm like a small + short tightly rolled up towel between their back and the floor (vertically placed, where the spine is 'out') and pull knees up slowly to chest, trying to stay balanced on top of towel 'wad'.

It also helps to have some thing you can push down off of with your feet. I took a piece or 2x6 cut to fit and screw securely in door way, up about 30 inches.

But have also used other things...the underside of a house up on blocks, and the rather large limb of a fallen over tree...and recently tried the tailgate of a pickup that was weighted/tied down.

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