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For lower back pain (when back isn't hurting too bad) lay on back on the floor or a firm bed with knees bent, raise hips straight up (pelvic thrust) then lower back down - do this repeatedly with a steady fluid motion until really tired, then with cushions or pillows under calfs/back of knees have legs raised, and place a rolled up towel (about 3-4 inches diameter) under lower back crosswise and try to rest until back starts to feel numb from the pressure of the rolled up towel, then slowly roll onto side and get up.

Also before getting out of bed in the morning do some stretching.
Particularly the hamstrings (back of the legs). Stretch slowly till it hurts a little and try to hold the stretch for a while, say 30 - 60 seconds.

Usaully do this while on back, by grabbing one leg at a time, near the ancle and then try to straighten leg and hold.

Also reverse bicycle motion (while on back) with feet in the air, going round and round the opposite way one normally pedals a bike.

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