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I've had cold sites since I was about 8yrs old and now I am 40. They would get so big I wouldn't go outside or just feel bad! It sucks! Don't use abreva, it sucks! It's a total waste of money. I would get huge ugly Cold sores that would finally go away in about 2 wks.
Recently I got 2 in different places at 1 time and what I did was read the remedies here and used:
1. Iced it until the ice melted.
2. Put finger nail polish remover- the non acetone kind or put alcohol on it as long as I can for about 10min
3. Put tea tree oil on it for about 10 min
4. Put campho phenique or carmex
5. Then repeated the steps every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs or so except at night before I went to sleep, I did the steps as above and put on Vaseline
I did try the salt and toothpaste 1 time at night and it didn't work. It got bigger.
Had this cold sore for only about 4 days total. Surely beats 14 days! Thanks to this site!

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