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What was inside me?

So I came to this website for help with the smell that would not go away from my vagina. It would get really bad during my period and a day after sex with no condom. I had originally used a antibiotic gel from the doctor that called to be injected with a full syringe before bedtime for 5 days. It gave me a yeast infection, and the smell came back in a couple weeks. I cut back on alcohol and sugar, started eating better and taking a multivitamin. I rotated between probiotic capsules (oral and inserted), garlic cloves one night, yogurt the next night. Coconut oil pieces from the freezer with tampons soaked in apple cider vinegar & H20 to go out. These all helped control the smell. However it would always return. This went on for 4-5 months. So as a last ditch effort I loaded up on eating yogurt during the day and I injected a little more than half the syringe of antibiotic gel, that I had left over, before bed one night. The next morning I douched(I know you are not suppose to, but I was kinda worried about leaving the gel in all day- I was scared of getting another yeast infection.) To my surprise a few small pieces of white material surrounded with a little dark blood appeared on the tub floor! I was no where near having a period. That day a little more came out when I wiped. It was white, soft and didn't have an odor with a tiny bit of dark blood. I waited a day, ate more yogurt always taking my probiotic orally. Repeated the antibiotic gel one more night. Nothing appeared this time the next a.m. when I douched. LADIES, THE SMELL HAS NOT RETURNED ONE BIT AND ITS BEEN 2.5 WEEKS! I've even had sex with no condom, few days later, still no smell. I just finished my period, no smell the whole time. Take what you will from this, but I figure when the doc originally looked inside to see if I had left a tampon, she may have missed something else. I don't know what it was, but it was something foreign that was just festering away. Once I hit it with a little of the anitbiotic gel and douched it out, ALL SMELL HAS STOPPED. I felt responsible to recount my story because I know how terrible it is to smell. All the home remedies were effective for a day but I would have to constantly be putting things in my vagina to keep some control over it. I hope this helps give you some hope that there may be a solution for your problem. The gel is called MetroGel-Vaginal (metronidazole vaginal gel) .75% Vaginal Gel. It says to put 5 grams in for 5 nights. I put aproximatly 3.5 one night, waited a night, and them put in about 2.5. I had a little bit of white discharge and thought I was going to get a yeast infection but that was it. I feel back to normal. Fingers crossed!! Good Luck, don't give up hope, and don't forget that you are beautiful.

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