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Iv tried everything on here even the clove oil remedy and NOTHING WORKED FOR ME!!!!

I havn't slept for the past two days because of my incoming wisdom teeth and my girlfriends dad sat me down and grabbed cotton swabs and 70% rubbing alcohol and swabbed my gums repeatedly with it an made me rinse out my mouth with warm water and IT WORKED INSTANTLY! I mean I actually can smile without tearing up!!!

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Arlette McGowan

My wisdom tooth on the lft downside pains.i cant eat and cant afford a dental check up. Please help me out on a way that will take the severe pain away. Thank u.
I was taking pain killers but i still felt pain thru it. Plz help me out. I work at Radisson Blu in Sultanate of Muscat. Im not covered in dental n realy am looking for a way to het this pain away.

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