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i have had 16 teeth removed in 2011 and ever since have had no problems with my teeth, its now may 2014 and after stopping wearing my dentures i am now in pain almost everyday. i normally just smoke cannabis and slowly the pain goes away but this is not a long term solution.. i today visited my dentist (NHS) and she gave me some Amoxicillin. I also went and bought some paracetamol that contains codeine so they were very strong. I am just coming up to 25 and am hoping to get implanted teeth soon, the pain of toothache and abcess pain is way to much to handle and ive decided that having the rest of my broken teeth out and getting full dentures will be better for me in the long run

Always visit a dentist... i didnt when i was younger and basically dont have teeth left to eat with so visit that dentist no matter how expensive/scared they are.

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Omg I feel like I found a I'm 24 with like issues except I haven't had any removed yet just broken's horrible pain.

Toothless chris

Well u guys found another friend im 30 with the worst mouth in history but ive been to a dentist more times than most i was a project for a dentist from 8th-10th grade getting 1-2 procedures done a month after that nightmare it was on to the orthodontist until i turned 21 9 years later i have a tooth and about 20 exposed roots from fillings falling out and constant pain fever abcess ahhhhhhhh brush your teeth kiddies

Toothache Girl

Hi guys! I read ur posts & completely understand. I'm slightly older (45) than all of you & had my share of problems & trips to the dentist. I've had fillings, extractions, rootcanals, crowns, bridges etc.,and just when I thot I was safe....I'd get an infection underneath a crown or bridge & back to the dentist I went! I oftented wondered how that could happened....did they be miss removing pulp from the canals, did the infection lie dormant around nearby teeth? Regardless,I have no teeth on my upper right (except the one incisor after my 2 front) and can't wait to get partial plates made. I told my family & dentista years ago that I wanted all my teeth pulled & replaced
with dentures. They all laughed of course, but the pain I put up with all my life was pure agony. And it didn't matter if i brushed several times a day, flossed, fluoride treatments, yearly cleanings..I still had problems. My brothers never had problems, not even a cavity until their mid 20's!!!!! LOL. That's my shared story to u all. Good day!

mike c

Thanks you all ... Iam not he only one. I saw the dentist last week ..She sent 5 minutes with me and said I submitting x rays to Medicaid and recommend that they pull all my teeth, was a horrible thing to hear being I still have all my bottom teeth... Now I have a another tooth abscessed on the top... dentures are starting to look good.. will be get this one pulled tomorrow.. Abscesses are serious can cause blood poisoning, seek help don't wait

Daniel Friesenhahn

For the 25 year old that is wanting to get implants. Make sure you go to a very good dentist that you know for sure does high quality work and uses high quality products. Because when I got 2 implants, I was told I would not have any problems with them for a long time. 6 years later I found myself in the ER getting emergency extractions. My face was so swollen that I couldn't open my eyes. I had scripts for the strongest pain killer the Dr. Would give. I took sooo many of them waiting to get treatment that all the pharmacies stopped filling the script. You only thought an obsessed tooth was bad. An absossed implant is 5 times more painful. There is on way for the pus to drain. They had to remove them with no Anastasia remove and no painkillers. Later in life I found out that dental implants are o ly designed to last 6-10 years. Weigh your options before you spend the money. Take it from me, i have had over $30 thousand in work done to my teeth (no braces either) Good luck with your decision Hope to help anyone with dental pains!

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