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I have never written in a forum before but I thought that this time I will.I have been diagnosed with GH las t week and I feel like my world is falling apart. I caught it when my boyfriend gave me oral sex when he had a cold sore. I started feeling pain thinking that it was because we had rough sex thinking it was going to go away in a few days. The next day the pain was still there accompanied by a thick white discharge like cottage cheese. I started to get worried but put it down to thrush. but then then the following morning while in the shower I felt big lumps around the lips of vagina. I also felt feverish. I immediately went to the hospital where the nurse took one look at me and said that it was herpes. I started crying immediately and since then i feel like my life is over. i stopped drinking water or any liquids as peeing became a torture. I was in excruciating pain. I could not sit, walk or stand. I felt like a cripple.I lost all appetite. Now for the remedy: i was prescribed antiviral tablets but that didnt help with the pain. I used tea tree oil and dabbed it on the sores. I poured a bottle of cold water over my genitals while peeing to relieve the burning sensation. I dried myself with a fan on a cold setting. I also started keeping tea bags in the fridge which I used as cold compress on the sores. that was soothing. Eveytime after going to the loo i wash myself with warm sea salt water. The pain has really subsided now and I am back at work. but now I am having my period and I am worried that its gets reinfected again. does anyone have any idea how to deal with GH when you are also on your period? all the posts that I have read havde been so helpful and this is what have been keeping me going as I dont know what to do with myself. I am so depressed and scared

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