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I have been suffering from BV for two years. Dr. Prescribed the gel and pills and the BV never goes away. Now I am having horrible painful 'pressure' as well. It feels like everything down there is swollen even though it isn't. It is very stressful!! I have started using Vitamin c and vitamin d along with folic acid, garlic pills and cranberry tablets. Nothing is working. Has anyone also had the pressure feeling? Feeling very depresses.

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So embarrassed!

So I had it for the first time...ugh, horrible. I tried dipping a tampon into hydrogen peroxide and inserting it for 30 minutes right before bed for 5 days. Can I just say sweet relief that I haven't smelled or been swollen down there since day 2. The key is to push out your tampon halfway from the applicator, get the cotton nice and saturated and stick it in. No pain, no mess!


Try this, it worked for me and a lot of other people who have seen my post on here!
I've suffered from chronic BV for two years, I'm only 20 years old. I tried everything, even putting yogurt on a tampon and leaving it in for an hour. But, I FINALLY found something that works. I started taking 2 'acidophilusl pills every morning along with 2 'probiotic plus & cranberry' (found at walmart next to the douches, and feminine cleansing wipes. I take those 4 pills every morning and within a week the smell, the discomfort, everything was gone! Hope this works for you too!


I've experienced the pressure. I can't think straight when that's going on. If I can, I lay down and watch TV to take my mind off of it. The rest seems to help.


Have you had a urinalysis to check for a possibke urinary tract infection?


I had to go to the MD when I got that pain. It was very painful and I laid around with an ice pack on my belly. They gave me seven days of antibiotics and I didn't have sex for three weeks. Day two of antibiotics, lower stomach and back
Pains went away. Seemed to help.


Tea tree therapy is a company that makes tea tree oil suppositories for your V! It is basically the same- just oil and a bit of tea tree oil. I buy it online on amazon! And definitely steer clear of yogurt, the entire US medical system is misleading... Dairy is NO good! Also, I suffered from recurring BV for 6 months last year and not even my holistic doc could help UNTIL I recieved from her a little strange natural medicine from Supreme Nutrition company. It's called BFB-1. I could not stress enough how amazing this is. Basically when you 'cure' BV or yeast let's say, there remains a thin film layer of the bacteria in your body (gut I think). So that's what allows the infection to return no matter how vigorously you treat it! I promise - within three days of using this stuff (one drop behind ear and one under your left big toe) and I broke down the film layer and have never had an infection since!! and this was in December :) I hope this helps. Plz, plz consider ordering the product from supreme !!!


I have the pressure so bad, rite before my period that i went the ER they give me some morphine... I feel a whole lot better, but on the ride home my period came down. let's just say it was a creamy pink mess... I don't understand why we as women have to go there so much, and men don't have to go there anything... they talk about us when they don't understand the struggles of being a women...

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