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Hello everyone! I had to share this with all of you :)

I had BV on and off for almost 2 years. Tried everything.literally!multiple pills,yogurt inserting and what not. what really worked for me is this guys:

1.totally cut sugar OFF your diet for atleast 4-6 months. completely! i mean ZERO it. all syrups,jellies,icecreams,chocolates(except v dark chocolate sometimes). one spoon of sugar lowers your immune system by 4 hrs! Only sugar you can have is from apples, melons, oranges may be, grapes and other fruits wt not v high glycemic index. this is the most imp factor. Sugar will never let your good bacteria have enough potential to fight the bad ones.

2.totally cut off processed breads/crackers with yeast/sugar/,biscuits wt yeast. what to eat then? try to go completely natural, make whole wheat tacos/indian rotis at home. try to go as whole in every kind of food you eat. cut preservatives.

3.The BEST cure for BV is to drink one tea spoon of ORGANIC Apple cider vinegar, twice a day. this should have the mother of the vinegar, which means the vinegar would look muddy with the sediments. This is imp since, refined vinegar/any other type pf vinegar would be rather harmful, could cause acidity.

This is the MOST effective of any treatment. NO DOCTOR ever told me this. but i'm cured and I'm sure you'll see results, if followed along with the other remedies, in a week-10 days! :)

4.your body is vitamin deficit thats why your immune is not working at its best. take multi vitamins for atleast 2-3 months. confirm with your physician once for best advise.

5.keep stress at bay. no matter what, your body is your temple and your mind controls everything. whatever works for you, dance, pilates,yoga,sun salutation. exercise in whatever manner, to cleanse your body and mind :)

6. pls keep away from sex or inserting anything for atleast 4-6 months. once youre cured, youd be back to an even healthier life, so be patient. if at all you require to, ask your partner to use water base condoms. But, this is only if you absolutely cant without.

7. Keep all unwanted hair neatly trimmed. Avoid tight under wears at night. DONT douche. wash yourself with a tea spoon of only organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tea spoon in half/1 litre plain water, twice a day if you can. it really helps retain good bacterial health in there.

8. Consume 200-250 gms of yogurt everyday if possible. it helps in the healing.

9. Keep away from perfumed pads, strong detergants strong chemicals close to that area.

10. Stay positive :) most imp! No body promised sunshine with no rain ever! :) if there's body, there would be issues with it. no biggie! stay positive and tell yourself its ok. i am healing each day. I am a healthy body and i shall be at my best everyday.

hope everyone benefits from this. cheers guys! :)

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Thank you for posting this. I feel like I have tried everything for my recurrent BV with no luck. I will try this and pray for the best. I am depressed and at my breaking point!! Fingers crossed.

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