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Having genital warts is a really terrible thing but you must remember it's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I say this as someone who suffered from genital warts for years. In the us over 50% of sexually active people will get genital warts/hpv. So don't feel like you're sitting alone.

Treating genital warts is also really difficult to do. It truly was a 3 year trial and error experiment but I finally found the method that works. I tried every method that was available to me. But what did it for me was a cream called Dermazan wart treatment. You basically put this cream on your genital warts twice a day for about 5-7 days and your genital warts get smaller and smaller each day and on the fifth the day your warts are completely gone. You may want to apply it three times a day if you have a large cluster of genital warts.

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thank you so much for posting this.
Where did you buy the cream? im in NYC and trying to find this stuff as soon as possible, but im only seeing an online purchasing option only?


dont buy it. its a scam

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