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Had Plantar Warts on the bottom of my feet in High School. Doctor had me putting the salycitic acid plasters on them. All they did was make holes in my feet but did not get rid of them. I asked the girls on the swim team what they used, as it has spread throughout the girls locker room. They told me to take Desiccated Liver pills (in the vitamin section of the drug store) twice a day. I started taking them, took them with Orange Juice I remember because they are large pills. It took a little while but I kept taking the pills for about 6 months and they never came back.

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Do Planters warts always grow on top of the skin? I think I have one or two on the balls of both feet. The skin grows so thick and it is really painful. So my question is, will any of these remedies help if they are growing into the foot and can they even do that?


yes that's where they grow. You can try duct tape with compound w liquid and many seem to have found that it helps.

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