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OMG so I have the worst yeast infection ever! I have extreme itching and pain! So I've been looking for a quick relief just for tonight and saw the garlic remedy. So I got a paper towel and Vaseline and garlic powder and OOOMMGGGG the freaking burning it crazy! I'm literally on fire! It's cooling down now and feels a little good but who ever suggest doing this set me up for disaster! If you can take extreme pain then do it but if your like me DO NOT DO IT. I'm just hoping the after results are worth it ..

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courtney may

Garlic powder Burns I decided not to do that quick but sticking the garlic cloves in you works wonders last night was my first night trying it and it really works


i wouldn't put garlic powder in there.

Just put a clove of garlic in (make sure to thread it so you can easily take it out.)Works like a charm and does not burn at all


So like I have treated 4 yeast infections by spraying saline solution all over the area. It cures it within an hour and doesn't come back.

Captain Garlicdick

I have garlic on my schlong ;)

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