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Lately for moderate tooth pain I've been led to mix about a tablespoon of food grade diatomaceous earth with about 8-10 ounces of water and drink (do this for other reasons too) [but] when tooth hurts,
I purposely hold the last sip which is a little thick like 'goop' in my mouth especially where sore tooth is - trying to leave it there for several minutes, and so far, it has gently and effectively quelled the pain, and seems to keep it away for a considerable length of time too!

After pain subsides drink more water, as food grade DE is best taken with plenty of water.

Also, because it (the DE) tends to sit on the bottom of the glass, (when the glass is nearly empty) I swirl the water around till the powder is floating well in the water and then drink before it settles again.

Food grade diatomaceous earth helps 'minearalize' bones + teeth and neutralizes bacteria and infections.

It's available online and at some feed stores and health food stores.

Be sure it's 'food grade' the 'pool filter' / industrial grade is unfit for human consumption.

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