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I had them for years on my big toe and they only kept multiplying. I tried everything, but the only thing that actually worked was putting the Walgreen's liquid acid on them and taping them up with waterproof athlete's tape without removing the tape for days at a time. The longer I could keep the tape on, the better. I only replaced it when it fell off which was days or even a week later. I read something about using super strong waterproof tape and over time they are smothered, then your immune system notices them and destroys them accordingly. :) SOOOO happy to finally have the colonies of them gone from my toe and I will never do laser surgery again, what a rip off! I was on crutches for a week because it was on my left heel, a giant one, then a giant hole. (You'd think the docs know and tell you about these options, but they'd rather fry you.) Thank you internet and fellow human beings, I love you.

I made a nice and gross before and after pic of my big toe if anyone wants to see. :)

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My big toe did the same thing when I was younger. They finally went away after I did the same thing you did. Now I have a couple on the bottom of my foot.

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