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Haven't found the right remedy yet. Been almost 24 hours and after a long afternoon finally got some Antibiotics. You should be able to buy OTC but you have to make calls around, asking if people are good for Antibiotics. Feel stupid duing it but tooth pain is the worst. I am not some person who has a little tooth ache, you see my teeth with partial out and yikes! You need antibiotics cause no pain pill helps with tooth pain like antibiotics. Every second feels like an hour and I get an adrenaline rush with anger when its throbbing. I get mad and nasty and can't calm down. I give props to people trying all this stuff but I am a bit more drastic than most. I want the nearest wall to knock myself unconscious on. I really don't like some people but wishing tooth infection-nerve ending pain I wouldn't wish on anybody. Honestly outside of antibiotics the only thing that works is brushing teeth and washing with Listerine. I have fallen asleep many nights with the Listerine on the tooth and my mouth full of it. Pain Pills no, all that other b.s no, Listerine and antibiotics YES!

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