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My right ear was clogged for two days and everyone was telling me that it was due to head congestion. I was so annoyed by it and finally held my nose shut and my other ear and tried to blow out of my nose as hard as I could. My ear made a popping noise and I had instant relief.

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THANK YOU! I just did what you said, it hurt but worked instantly just like you said...thank you :)


p.s. to others that it didn't work..make sure you close other ear and nostrils tight and blow


It Worked But Now I Have A Headache


I've tried it several times, but to no avail. I don't want to try it too much because I'm afraid I'll rupture something. My left ear is clogged. I block the right ear and my nose, and when I blow I do eventually hear a pop in my right ear... but nothing in my left. What am I doing wrong?


I have been looking for a remedy for days, this worked amazing. I heard a pop and instantly felt relief. Thank you times a million!!


Had this deaf ear thing for 2 days!! Just followed your advice....Genius! Worked in 2 seconds. Thank you!


its not workin...!!!

Inez it on the first try

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