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My right ear was clogged for two days and everyone was telling me that it was due to head congestion. I was so annoyed by it and finally held my nose shut and my other ear and tried to blow out of my nose as hard as I could. My ear made a popping noise and I had instant relief.

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called the valsalva maneuver


I feel like I've tried everything, it isn't working :-(


It has been two weeks since i had my full hearing. I tried this and it worked :) Thanks you so much for sharing this :)


I tried this and at first it didn't work, but about a minute later it popped. Such a relief!


wow! That did it thanks so much!


Thank you so so much my right ear was clossed for the past two days and as i tried it now it just worked. So greatful!


I tried doing it but it didn't work... I've had my ears clogged for almost a week😥😥😩


I also tried this and it popped my left ear, but my right eat was the one bothering me, and it just wasn't helping, so then I tried steaming my right ear, and your method again combined with making a chewing gum motion with my mouth and finally my right eat popped, and I could feel the tubes opening up, which gave me some relief.


Both ears were clogged, this did the trick for one of my ears and thankful for some relief. The trick I think was holding the other ear closed.


OMG, this is amazing! My ears have been clogged for the past three days. It's almost driven me insane. I just did this with both ears and they feel clear, I can't hear myself breathing in my ears anymore and sounds in the house sound normal again.

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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