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cheers to you all on this blog,
I am a 47 years old female mother of three beautiful children.
i was a bed wetter since my childhood and was punished and tortured for that hereditary gene I have. It was a misery when I woke up wet and smelling awe-full beside my husband at the time, I wished death over that humiliating feeling. I reached for remedies all my life and tried many, but none worked for me. my three children (15, 13, 11) wet there bed almost every night, if one doesn't do it, the other two will; every morning I wash sheet and blankets... I never yell at them or make an issue out off it, and they are doing well in their social life with friends and classmates. However, I feel the sadness they hide or try to hide from me every morning when they run to the bathroom wet of urine. they break my hearts and i feel helpless and blame myself for being the bed wetting gene transmitter. after my divorce(7 years ago) I started consuming honey in great amount, I buy buckets of raw honey and eat with a spoon at different times of the day. actually, honey is the first food I eat in the morning and the last food i eat before going to bed. my addiction to honey stopped the bed-wetting problem and i could sleep dry for many years now. my children don't like honey that much and even they take once they will not repeat it again. finally, I advice all the suffering readings to please get yourselves addicted to honey as it makes us dehydrated and dries our mouths, so the body secretes more of ADH hormone that slows down or stops urination, as part of our sympathetic system's job. and to PARENTS please don't punish your children for wetting their beds they could not help it be nice and understanding they need you more than you think. good luck to all.

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There could be one thing you could do instead of taking could put an alarm every night and make it to habit to urinate at specific time every night.This habit would make your body habitual and you could prevent bed wetting.


God bless You!

Joe blow

I am 31 year old man and still wet the bed . It has ruined my life however I will give honey a try thanks


StuartKeen - as the mother of a bedwetter let me assure you we have tried alarms, and bells and whistles and waking my daughter up. If it were that simple these blogs wouldn't be available. I am super excited to try the honey for my 15 year old!!! For anyone else reading this, I did find a site - Pjama, they make urine proof pajama pants!! They are spendy but a true blessing for this family!!!!

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