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I have had the worst tooth pain for the last couple days. I have tried pain killers, warm salt water, tooth paste, and hot packs and nothing touches the pain. Although what I have found that works is putting a mixture of ground cloves, chopped garlic directly on the tooth causing the pain and chewibg . After you have chewed for a minute or so drip a couple drops of tea tree oil near tooth aswish the mixture around. This may be a very disgusting but for me the tooth pain was much more unbearable and I was desperate to feel relief. Since I have tried this I have been able to finally get some rest.

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I think good home treatment for toothache


I have been having pain on my upper right side of teeth but couldn't pinpoint the exact one. I am 38 years old and have had ONE cavity - and a small one - when I was about 18-20. I didn't even realize I had one and I wouldn't accept Novocaine because back then I was terrified of needles so he drilled with nothing, filled it and I was done. TILL NOW. This pain came on suddenly Friday for no apparent reason - in fact - I am on a juice cleanse so I ate nothing hard I just drank fruit and veggies and every now and then peanut butter and bread when I was having pain from not eating. I felt it on the top first, then the bottom row under the top right and now it has stayed mostly on top right. I was DESPERATE and I am such a Dentist virgin that I was ready to eat feces if it helped - THATS HOW MUCH IT HURT! Anyway, I found your comment, did the salt water first, it helped a little but came back in a few minutes - then I spilled out all but an inch of the salt water and added a splash of Tea Tree Oil - Oh man was that HARSH but it helped ALOT!!! So far so good I will repeat if it comes real bad again - Mind you I am on Oxycodone left over from a back surgery all day and that helped once and then not again - I had to take more today and double the dose - these are the strong ones 15 mgs each so no joke but i have 4 years of heavy tolerance SO DON'T EVER TAKE THAT MUCH IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN ON THEM BY A DOCTOR FOR YEARS - YOu can DIE - in fact, my friend just did in May from Oxy overdose and left behind 3 small kids. DONT USE PRESCRIPTION PILLS WITHOUT A DENTIST OR DOCTOR's OK? Good - sorry had to get that in. Anyway I know this is long but I am so very thankful for your advice.. I also bought Dentek awhile ago for my fiance' but he never tried it. He has horrible luck with teeth. If your mix wears off I will try that. THANK YOU SO MUCH - and if I use the Dentek I will let you know how it goes... (it's temporary tooth filler)... and I tried Sensodine and flossing till I bled yesterday so it isn't food.Now I truly understand why people fear and hate the dentist - tooth pain is so joke and I have had my share of serious pain and surgeries. YOU HELPED SO MUCH - BLESS YOu - Trish FROM NYC


Sorry for the typos ... I meant 'TOOTH PAIN IS NO JOKE' LOL Thanks again!!! And I will share any new remedies I learn :)
- Trish, NYC

Tee from Philly

I've never experienced pain like this before!!!! I haven't slept well in three days. What bought me some relief was granulated garlic and salt mixed in warm water. I put the solution on the side of the tooth and let it just let it sit there for like 5mins and instant relief!!!!! Thank God maybe I can sleep now. This shit hurts like hell. If rather have a baby.


I've read that tea tree oil is poisonous if swallowed, so please research before putting that in your mouth.

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