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O.k. so I work in Japan, have not learn the language more than basic commands: stop, go, yes, no, morning, good night, etc.... Came down with a tooth ache,tried the dentist gave me date for extraction a week away. Oh, I'm forgetting to mention that the side of my face is pulsating with pain sent from hell,read a lot of the remedie, Vodka should of worked, after doing the Macarana in the drug store to no avail, I came up with a damp/hot rag to the side of my face which gave me a window to try and think straight, at last 3 GRAINS OF GARLIC DICED-UP IN HOT WATER, SWHISHED AND DRANK ! No more pain, after being able to think straight,I remembered GARLIC HAS A LOT OF HEALING PROPERTIES AND BENIFITS.

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After hours of unrelenting pain, I mixed 4 capsules of Kyolic garlic with just enough saltwater to swish and held it up against the sore upper molar as long as I could. The pain subsided. Stil there though more tolerable. I may try once more.

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