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O.k. so I work in Japan, have not learn the language more than basic commands: stop, go, yes, no, morning, good night, etc.... Came down with a tooth ache,tried the dentist gave me date for extraction a week away. Oh, I'm forgetting to mention that the side of my face is pulsating with pain sent from hell,read a lot of the remedie, Vodka should of worked, after doing the Macarana in the drug store to no avail, I came up with a damp/hot rag to the side of my face which gave me a window to try and think straight, at last 3 GRAINS OF GARLIC DICED-UP IN HOT WATER, SWHISHED AND DRANK ! No more pain, after being able to think straight,I remembered GARLIC HAS A LOT OF HEALING PROPERTIES AND BENIFITS.

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It works!!! I was just in severe pain to the point of tears...Only I cut up and shoved garlic in my mouth which worked just as well...It does burn a little but nothing compared to the pain i was in...I will continue garlic until I can get to the dentist....Thank you Thank You THank you!!!!!!




This pretty amazing....instantly works. It did burn but would rather have that then the pain


This remedy works wonders!!!! I'm so glad I tried it because I can't get into the dentist for 5 days and was in excruciating pain! Thank you for posting. This is amazing!


Can u use regular garlic salt mixed with water?


Wow just wow... I took 3 capsules of 500mg pain reliever and it didnt work. Then I tried this garlic salt water and it worked like magic!


i actually read the post 10 min. ago..well i already took a med however my tooth still aches so i tried to cook 3 slices of garlic and ate it… it hurts a little while but im glad in 2-3 min. pain is already gone!

thank u soooo much ^^

Cynthia Garcia

Garlic is working.


Seriously genius! I have a wisdom tooth that is giving me migraines from hell. Tonight's was BY FAR the worst. In the last 6-7 hours, I've taken 2 excedrin migraine pills, 3 advils, and 1 vicodin. I layed in bed for 2 hours in excruciating pain that brought me to tears, and on my knees praying for god to take it away. Nope. Saw this garlic recommendation, and it worked like a charm. Thank you for posting this. I am amazed! :)


I just did it, I hope it works because I can't think straight , I have to much pain been taking 1600 ibuprofen and it doesn't work, and nobody will see me until Thursday afternoon is holiday here in Central America .

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