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Hey guys! I'm 23 and have been suffering from boils since I was 8 years old. I get them under my arm and in the groin area. 😬YIKES! They are very painful and the ones that appear where the sun doesn't shine usually come a week before my cycle is due. 😟 I usually take antibiotics and they'll go away on their own but I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant so I'm very limited to what I can use/take. I've found that a mixture of toothpaste and Vic's vapor rub helps tremendously. Since it's hard for me to get in out of the tub I run water as hot as I can stand it in the shower directly on the boil and then i carefully cleaned it with soap and water. After showering I dried it carefully as much as I could. talk about painful x10!!! 😖😩 next I got some gauze and applied toothpaste and Vic's together and made a paste. I then placed the gauze onto the boil and taped it directly onto the boil. within 30 minutes I started to feel tingling. 2 hours later I went to the bathroom and VIOLA! the boil had stared to drain and the pain was completely gone! 🙌🙏 I hope this helps! oh and I used close up cinnamon red gel toothpaste by the way! Good luck!! 😊

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Did you do that for the underarm boil? And did it work?


I know this post is a few months old but I have to comment. I have never wrote on a forum before normally just read them. Your story sounds just like mine. I finally got relieve and a diagnosis. Please do not wait to get to a dr because the boils grow worse with age whether you realize it or not. They form tracks under ur skin leading to further infection. I know for a 100% fact you have something called Hidradenitis suppurativa. Mine always come right before my menstrual and in the same places. I wish someone would have told me sooner what this was I have now had several cut out and scars everywhere. There are meds and creams that help prevent them. I lost my insurance so mine are back but when I was on them I didn't have a flare up for over a year.

A 15 year old girl

Thank you for this!! I used the vicks and toothpaste mixture and its working so far and the pain is decreasing but its still there but this is really really helping. But you can basically use any toothpaste.


I just put this on my hooha right vaginal lip to be exact its 8:30 est. And I am hoping this draws it out..I went to work today and was in so much pain. I came home and soaked in an Epson salt bath. Praying by morning this works. I will let you all know.

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