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ok, so i haven't been suffering from hives for very long. mine started 4 days ago. i went to the doctor and turns out, i've got a sun allergy. now i HAVE to have very high spf sunscreen and/or wear long sleeves, pants and cover up completely. it's very hard for me because i love being in the sun(tellin me i can't be in the sun is like tellin a fish he can't be in water)...but anyways. the itching has been driving me INSANE. i tried the 2 prescriptions the doctor gave me and some anti-itch cream. nothing was helping. it was getting worse and worse. then i tried the baking soda and water. just make it like a paste and apply it to the hives. THEY DON'T ITCH!!! it's amazing how quick it helped the itching! i haven't figured out how to make the hives go away yet, but the paste definitely makes it easier to deal with. the doctor said it shouldn't last more than a week. but even an hour of these hives is HORRIBLE! but i totally recommend the baking soda and water paste!

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I am facing hives problem for the last 3year nothing is helping. So I would like to ask you that baking soda paste and water is really helpful and can I get rid off with this forever?

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