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I spent hours on this site reading through the remedies...I tried them all...Hydrogen Peroxide, garlic, salt water, onion, ice, heating pad. I bought the Red Cross clove oil at the pharmacy and applied it over and over again. I used a half tube of Orajel and rocked back and forth, begging God to please help me! One person mentioned making suction with your mouth over the affected tooth...I was so desperate I did it! As soon as I did it, it felt like someone shot me in the face...excruciating, blinding pain!! Then I felt my mouth being filled with liquid. I ran to the bathroom and spit out blood a couple of times! The pain was GONE!!! I slept for six glorious hours in a row!! Today I am sore but not hurting near as much...thank you to whoever suggested the sucking on the sore's not for wimps but it DID WORK!!!

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This does help. I learned that years ago when my top two wisdom teeth were killing me. Now my bottom ones (top ones are gone) are infected & I can't get the same suction on them. I have an appointment in the morning, but I feel as if I am dying now.

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