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Same exact thing is happening to me on my bottom right back most molar. I had a filling fall out over a year ago. I would get minor throbbing pain (minor compared to the pain I'm in now) like in November. January rolls around and I started to get this shooting sharp pain coming from the broken tooth. All I do is pop about 12 ibuprofens a day. I don't really have dental insurance as of now so I haven't been to a dentist. 12 200mg ibuprofens a day helps me so much. I know it's extremely bad but it's all that works for me. (I've tried the garlic pills/tea bags/ all that other home remedy junk. When I forget to take the ibuprofens or lower the dose, the pain comes back 10 fold. I have no blisters or much swelling. All I have is a huge hole in my molar and it ruins my day when the pain arises.

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From experience with dental issues. dont let it go to long. When my mom was younger she let it go and ended up with a very bad blood disease that almost killed her. About 5 years ago my dad had an infection under his tooth that moved into his face and down his neck it even went up into his brain. in order to get the infection out they had to cut his cheek off. when I say off I mean they literally cut his cheek off. the only thing left to his cheek was a thin layer of skin,that was thin enough to breath through. I like you do not have insurance so I do what I have to do as well. but at least go to your local ER they will give you an antibiotic for the infection and a pain killer. and some of your local health departments do extractions, or they can refer you to a inexspensive dentist


I think you need to go to a hospital and get antibiotics because pain is a sign of infection and ibuprofen is just masking it. All bone infections are serious because bacteria can get into the blood. If your tooth hurts when you drink hot liquids then you have infection inside and the tooth has to be pulled or a root canal done because if you don't you could get blood infection. Besides ibuprofens will kill your liver and kidneys eventually.


I currently have 6 abscesses. And honestly this is going to sound weird, but take a q tip and clean those holes out. Mouth wash and brushing don't do good enough of a job. Go in there with a q tip insert into hole and twist and apply very light pressure. You will notice within seconds that the pain will back the fuck off and once it starts bleeding because the tissue is damaged from the infection. Rinse will mouth wash and enjoy your pain free night. All I have to figure out is how to eat tougher food without thinking about getting a cheap OTC version of invisalign to stop food from getting in there and splicing it open from the inside.

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