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I have suffered from anxiety and panic disorder most of my life. I've always been on medication but went off of them for about a year and I seem to be doing fine until one crazy beach weekend with my friends. Let's just say I normally don't drink a lot but it was a girls weekend and I totally over did it. The next day I woke up and I was alright then all of a sudden I had a huge panic attack. I kept telling my friend I was going to due and needed to go to the hospital. Finally it subsided but I spent the whole day in bed. Ever since then I haven't felt the same so I went and saw a doctor. He put me on celexa and Xanax (the usual). I gave it about a week then about a month and I still didn't feel right. My doctor sent me to the health food store to get a B-complex vitamin. Instantly I felt way more relaxed. It's a stress vitamin that replaces vitamins lost when you stress and also help with energy. Now I'm only taking my celexa and the B-complex. I've also learned breathing techniques, stretching and excersize also help and if you drink only have a few or none. I also avoid places where I know I may possibly freak out like crowded areas. I'm taking time in healing myself and I'm not rushing anything. Hope I can help someone!

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Yes mostly it happens to a person who do not drink on a regular basis, as a person it not habitual with the drink and when drinks occasionally then this problem occurs.

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