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RELIEVED I am a 25 year old Hispanic female who has had boils since I was about 17. I've had them on my face (near the ear) on my inner thighs numerous well as on the back of my neck..armpit...butt cheeks and most recent...on my back near the right shoulder and middle of back...I have tried almost everything to cure this damn boil problem and they still keep coming back...I want to share a list of must haves when fighting a boil...TRUST me this will work....

1) Hibiclens anti-bacterial soap
2) Prosone soap
3) Aleve/Ibuprofen/Tylenol (for pain)
4) Ichtammol ointment 20%
5) tumeric powder
6) Epsom salt
7) rubbing alcohol
8) muporicin ointment
9) garlic powder
10) manuka honey (whole foods)
11) Curad Silver Solution Gel
12) Smiles Prid drawing salve
13) toothpaste
14) vapor rub
15) milk thistle 1000mg tablet
16) large gauze
17) Bactrin (by RX only)
18) brown sugar
19) weed (just because)
20) patience

Step 1: take nice hot shower...stand in the steam for a while...steam opens pores and makes skin soft...while in shower use Hibiclens to wash boil with hot water...also use a small amount of the Prosone soap to wash the boils area as we'll (not too much Prosone has steroids)

When you step out of the shower do not dry boil with towel...let air dry

step 2: lots and lots of warm/hot water can add some tumeric and Epsom salt and Hibiclens to the water you use to heat up for the hot water this for at least an hour twice a day...

Step 3: So basically the following items are for bringing up a head on a boil to make it ready to self drain:
twice a day, make a paste out of these items: tumeric, vapor rub, toothpaste, manuka honey, curad silver solution gel, Ichtammol, garlic powder, brown sugar, Epsom salt, mupirocin ointment.
Mix all of those items to form a paste like substance to spread over the boil..once boil is covered apply the smiles prod drawing salve on the top of paste to act like a sealant.

Step 4: cover with loose gauze so boil can breathe.....take pain killers as desired...smoking a joint also alleviates pain from boils....

I did this two my boil on my back and I swear it popped today while at work...drove home took of shirt (it was drenched in liquid pus and blood)...had my mother put on gloves and assist me...she did not have to barely touch the boil as it was self draining...NOTE: you will need a lot of napkins/towels, etc. it will be messy and nasty! Be prepared! It flows out of your like a river! Once the blood and pus stopped I put a thick paste of the items listed above and put a gauze over pain as of right now!!! Total relief! Will keep u updated...

Btw: did not get this one cultured for Mrsa other boils did have mrsa and I was prescribed antibiotics which with no success they keep least this makes the process easier...hope I can help...

- J , Miami, Florida

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All good stuff for boils. I use the manuka honey, hibiclens, turmeric poder also. In addition I take Olive leaf extract and drink Pau de Arco tea. It takes care of the infection. Putting a slice of onion on boil overnight helps bring it to head and many times it will drain while you sleep.

ginger smith

I had a friend that said if you take... cream of tarter pills...that was a old cure for boils along with the hot water treatments....


howdy folks:
best defense against every thing is Yahavah our Father in heaven. do as he commands there are no short cuts just do as he says. 10 commandments is a good start.

Donald: I know will fix all. with common sense expected .


Sounds like Hidrentitis. I have this. I just had major surgery to remove a bunch of infected, scared skin
Now I'm getting new ones around the area I had surgery. It's not getting bigger or smaller just staying there and painful. Will try everything to get it to come out.


Wow very (unfortunately)nice to know I am not the only one with this boil problem...they just won't leave my thighs and the scaring is so emabarrassing! Especially since I had emergency surgery on one that apparently ate my skin and it was really thanks for all the great advice!


can i use regular soap to clean an open abscess?


My gf has HS (I couldn't spell it if I tried) she has used CBD oil for 3 weeks. It's incredible how much better it has gotten. She takes it orally and topically. Really recommend it.


CBD oil. That is all you neeed.

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