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Doctor Phil

So, this is for the people that can handle momentary pain for instant satisfaction. I have tried KANKA which does numb the pain, but does not instantly heal the canker. I've tried rinsing with warm water and salt, no real expedition in healing. What I have done, and is not doctor recommended is use CLEAN nail clippers to clip off the canker. Using the sharpness of the clippers you can loosen the cankeraway from the tongue, after 5 minutes of operation in the mirrow one swift clip and the canker sore is removed leaving little to no mark on your tongue. Once or twice there has been minimal bleeding ( less than 1 ML) but no soreness in the area where the canker once stood. This is for the brave BUT i guarentee the its the fastest solution.

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I figure this would work well, just have to deal with the pain of having a cut on your tongue until it heals.


This MAY work on the tongue, but would not on other areas such as the palate. I wouldn't recommend this for any part of the mouth, however.


oh man that is a really BAD idea! don't cut!


Thank you for the tip. I did what you said. I heated my nail clippers & sprayed it with 97% alcohol. And clipped my cancer sore. It was painless & no blood. Now my discomfort is GONE! Thank you so much.


I do this every time. Has worked for me now for years. Little pain and blood for a few seconds and you don't have to deal with it for days if you let it run its course.


Im not sure you would do this for a canker sore. Maybe for a 'lie bump' which is an inflamed taste bud.


This does not sound like a good idea...


The People who have done this have u only done it with canker sores on your tongue??

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