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If you have gone swimming recently and are having troubles with clogged ears that are causing pain, see a doctor immediately. You probably have swimmers ear which will cause a ton of pain if you don't see a doctor soon. I have had it before, and it caused me to start crying it was so painful. I was prescribed something and my ear healed and the pain went away. In the meantime, putting something warm on your ear should help ease any pain. Hope this helped!

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vaibhav verma

Buddy I also faced with this problem and I know how painfull it wass ..I am compleatly sure that u are suffering from fungal infection .u will notice that from ur ear green wax will come out ..and i really want to say ,u should take /need a appointement of a good doctor ,try that doctor wont clean ur ear it may increase the pain but the problem will gonna sorted out ,I hope for ur best

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