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:) hello

I have had Bv since July 2013 and was unaware of what it was. I thought it was just a yeast infection but the medicine for that didn't help but for about a week of relief. I went to my gynecologist and she prescribed me those gel inserts to treat a bacterial infection and once again I was great for about a week. I have been doing research based on posts online and so I used the rephresh gel they sale at walmart and it's been great but after 2 months it seems to not be as effective as it first was. Now I'm taking women's probiotics that I paid $8 for at walmart and they have seemed to be helping thus far. They are in the same section as the feminine care in walmart and called 'probiotic plus & cranberry' I will continue using them as they have made my life a lot easier. Everyone's bodies are different so find what works for you.

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hi I was wondering what brand you bought of the probiotics?

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