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CLOVE OIL CLOVE OIL CLOVE OIL!!!!! Was in so much pain allday due to a toothache. I tried everything the mouthwash trick,the peroxide trick,the whiskey,the salt,the peanut butter,the
onion trick,the warm water with listrene and vanilla extract. I mean I tried it all read about the clove olive had my aunt bring me some put a drop a a qtip put it where my pain was (didn't dilate it like it tells you too on the bottle) it burned for about 2 seconds and them bam pain free.

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Ok so the best thing for me... Orajel in the cream form mixed with garlic powder and ground cloves works so damn well... The cream from the orajel allows it to stick to your gums and instantly takes the pain away.!!! I have a tooth that needs a root canle but can't get back to the dentist yet. This works the best by far also you can do garlic mixed with warm water make a rinse or make paste but the paste form of garlic burns so bad but will work...

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