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Hello. My ears have been blocked for the last 3 months. It's my middle ear and it's ETD according to the dr. This has been the worst time if my life because my head feels foggy all the time and I click my jaw in an effort to pop my ears about 3 times a minute and as well as feeling bad, being unable to get up and do anything because it makes me feel worse, I also look like a crazy woman clicking my jaw all the time!
First up the dr put me on a decongestant nasal spray. Nothing. Then he put me in decongestant tabs which did help for a couple of hours but then I had to take more and then it worked for less time each time I took one. I realized then that that was not a long term solution for me. It does work for some but I wasn't a lucky one.
I believe it was a combination of the following that helped me.
I got the steroid spray which is supposed to help with the inflammation in the tube and allow it to drain, eventually. I also took about 6 x vitamin b 5 per day and 6 x vitamin C 1000mg. These are to help with allergies which I have usually as a skin allergy but apparently ETD is usually caused by allergies so I figured this couldn't hurt, attacking the CAUSE of the problem not just the symptoms. I also used the Neilmed sinugator. Which is a motorized neti pot. I washed out my nasal cavity 3-4 times a day. Tipping my head backwards while full of water and swishing it around all my sinus tubes in the hope of getting to my eustachian tube and clearing out the mucus in there. I also used the sinugator without water as an earpopper. That is a 250 dollar product you can buy to pop the ears by pushing air up the nose. I used my 20 dollar sinugator and it does the exact same thing!! And lastly I put my head over a steaming bowl of water 2 times a day.
The reason I started doing all these things is because I researched and found that the next step is an operation and I did not want that at all. After about 2 weeks of all of these things my ears felt about 70%, the next day 80%, and today 90%. I nearly feel normal again and I wanted to share this with others because I needed direction and it took a lot of searching to get this combo together.
I hope this helps someone out there. ;-) Linda

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Christopher Milan

I am 56 and have had sinus issues since I was a child. On two occasions, I had a sinus infection that lasted 4+ mos. I saw an ENT Dr. and he gave me a skin test for allergies. Turns out I'm allergic to cat dander. I got rid of the cat, and finally, the antibiotics could do their job. My point is: If you have been sick for three mos, and antibiotics don't cure it, it is not uncommon for allergies to be the cause. Allergies inflame the sinus and ear canal membranes. This prevents them from properly draining. Sinus' that do not drain properly are prone to bacterial infection. If you have a bacterial sinus infection for 'months', it is likely your going to have problems with your ears. I use several 20' fans with a very fine 3m allergen filter(20x20 furnace filter).


try the earadicator home remedy for clogged ears, it has worked for me!


The Neilmed sinugator is working for me after spend $500 to see a 'specialist' w/o any improvement except a prescription.

Why these doctors are the only exception that we have to pay without any transparency upfront?

Where are government regulators?


I've been going through the exact same thing for 5 months been to several Dr's and they are unsure of what it is. They provided me steroid sprays, told me to take decongestants, I have used the neti pot nothing has worked. Some days are better other days worse. I'm sick of feeling like I have clogged ears clicking my jaw also I look ridiculous doing it. I reached ETD I know for a fact this is what I have what else can be done to help


Ive had the same for a month now. No relief. Are you better?


L-lysine cures HERPES !!! Any drug store or Walmart.

Christopher Gunlock

You were exactly right about the Nielmed Sinugator without the water. I can't imagine how that two-hundred dollar thing could be any better since the sinugator can also be used with a water solution. That was a solid thirty bucks spent on the Sinugator.


I've been clogged in both ears for 3 days. I am not able to pop them at all!! I can't even get a second of relief. What is going onnnn?! I'm on Sudafed Congrstion, Flonase nose spray and Claritin. I've tried hydrogen peroxide, beeswax ear candles, steam, Vicks, suction on my ears and I can't even get them to clear up or pop even a little!!


i was clogged with negative air pressure for 5 months. only thing to relieve it was ear tubes. ears are clogged again due to negative air pressure due to swollen et but no where near what it was before.

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