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Haven't really had a nosebleed since about July 2013. Was having them almost daily and spitting up a little black dried blood in the AM. Dark yellow yucky stuff would be in the tissue mostly from the right side. Could not blow my nose without having a nosebleed and sometimes would be doing nothing and blood would drip out. Had a sinus infection, started using Nutribiotic nose spray. Sounds crazy, but thought I would drown from this brown stuff that kept forming in my sinuses. Literally in about an hour the brown stuff slowed and in about 3 days the infection was over. I really should have gone to the ER as I had a nasty headache on the right side and was probably going to develop pneumonia. My health food store guy said to try switching to a saline spray. I did, but Dr. Oz said after 3 days on a nose spray your body I believe is somewhat addicted. Few months later got a cold; nosebleeds kept happening but surprisingly when I had the cold I could blow my nose and there was no blood. Didn't go back to the spray, but to get rid of the cold that hung on a month, I read about grapefruit seed extract. I put 10 drops in 8oz. veg juice and take it in the AM. Instructions say it is very caustic and read bad reviews that said people put it directly on their tongue and pretty much burned their tongue. I don't let it get on my skin unless it's diluted. It's been a few months and I haven't had a nosebleed, cold or flu so I don't know why, but it worked. I used Nurtribiotic. I can blow my nose now, though I do it more gently as I read too hard can cause sinus problems. Hope this helps someone.

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