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This is the first comment that I have read that sounded like mine and my sons canker sores. They are not the type that can be 'cured' with the typical remedies of peroxide, baking soda, salt water, etc. Had them since I was 5 years old and got a very high fever. However, my son who is now 18 started getting them around the same age and gets them much worse since hitting puberty. I read a comment where someone had thyroid issues. I was on synthroid at one point and then had 1/2 my thyroid removed. I still get them randomly but not nearly as badly as I used to or like my son does now. We take a medication, big blue pills, for herpes. We saw a naturopath and then an infectious disease specialist who diagnosed it as a form of herpes simplex, in my son's case it acts more like cold sores on the tongue. At one point turning into black spots (very scary) but sure enough...eventually went away. The VERY painful stage of big 'crater' like sores is the worst I think, for him. On the tongue interferes with normal functions of life and talk about MOODY! No one takes it seriously because there are so many worse illnesses out there that are chronic. However, I challenge someone to register pain stimulus in someone who has them...I just know it would rival some of the more painful chronic conditions out there.

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