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Queen - NYC

I had a case of vesicular (blistering) athlete's foot that persisted for 2 months before I finally found a healthcare provider (a wonderful podiatrist-surgeon) that knew exactly how to cure it. It started between my toes and quickly spread to the area of my foot called the 'instep.'

To cure it, the doctor first cleaned the area with Iodine and a gauze using firm, uni-directional swipes. Next, with another gauze, he wiped the area down with alcohol. With a sterile blade, he cut off the tops of the blisters to allow them to drain, and trust me, a lot of YUCK oozed out. He repeated the cleaning with Iodine and Alcohol. Then, he placed prescription anti-fungal + steroid cream (all in one) to the affected sites. It has to be all in one because the steroid stops your skin from reacting with blisters, peeling, etc. allowing the anti-fungal to penetrate more deeply and do a more thorough job.

He finally bandaged the area with gauze and self-adhesive bandage. I wore this for 2 days and kept my foot dry when I showered.

On my follow up, we cleaned the area in the same manner again. Applied the cream, and I am still applying this cream day and night to the area and wearing crocs only for ventilation. It's drying up, healing and flaking away revealing my normal skin again. I have another 3 full weeks of treatment to go before I am done.

It take approx. 2 weeks to kill all fungus and another 2 weeks to be safe it's all cleared up in totality.

Good luck. I know this thing is unsightly, irritating and a medical nuisance, but with persistence and being consistent it is quite easy to cure.

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