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Without a doubt-COLLOIDAL SILVER will work MAGIC on your teeth.

For 3 months I ate only on my 'good'side, and couldn't take large gulps of any cold liquid.

Even pasta that foun its way to the sensitive side killed me.

Within 3 days I was almost back to normal,and felt no sensitivety... and I'd say within two weeks I was eating on both sides.....Its been amazing!! Please try it.

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What is the process for using the colliodal silver


Where do I buy it


colliodal silver - I remember seeing it at a chemist. It has a million and one uses

hazel eyes

What is it?


It is basically Tri-guard. I process this stuff to send to Vendors. I personally have tried it. Works wonders for earaches and many other things. However it is something I personally had to take it every hour or 2 for relief. Cinnamon clove mouthwash with tea tree oil is what works best for me.

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