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Ok. After 8 years a result. Lye flat on stomach. Imagine an upside down Jesus cross. On your back from tail bone up to neck and across the waist line. Get the Vicks out and get the wife to massage/rub up the tail bone and across the waist line. You will notice little bumps as she rubs the Vicks left to right along waist bone. And also feel some veins being pressed above tail bone.

It's worked for me. Please please try and submit your results. I want to test this on as many rls suffers as poss to see what the results are

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I have to try one of those props you giving becauseRLS is destroying my everyday life and only found about my illness few days back as I ignored all symptoms from when I remember.thanks for people who try to help others with same problems;)


Hi and thank you. Just tried your massage idea, and immediately felt heat in my legs. Like a flooding of blood going down the back of my legs. I haven't yet felt relief but the sensation alone feels better. Like something was trapped and now released. Tail bone was very tender too so that wouldn't help circulation.... I found eating before bed kept me awake all and I mean all night in extreme frustration. I now eat bigger meals earlier on and have managed to eat more but lose about 10 kilos since September. Now February.. I was size 14 for years now a size 10-12. ????


Hi its me again.... HUSSAI . just thought I would come back and visit to see what comments had been posted :-) I have now discovered a strongoing dose of cbd oil which seems to be helping allot


Hussain, thank you so much for sharing all your results and information you have! I truly appreciate it! My boyfriend has had horrible horrible restless leg syndrome for years and never known what was wrong with him till I got with him 4 years ago. I have tried almost everything I can think of naturally to help him and I never had any true results. I don't want to put him on any kind of pills or anything unnatural. I was laying here beside him and his legs were of course going crazy and I felt horrible knowing he is truly getting no sleep and it's rare he has a good night's rest. I rolled over to Google if my cupping set I have would help RLS and I found this site with these experiments. I got out the vicks and rubbed him down and messaged like you said, I didnt see any difference in him and I thought nothing would work at the stage he's at right now. So I read down further and seen the post you wrote about standing on back of legs and I used my fists so I could use my upped body to apply pressure and when I did, it stopped. Just stopped. He said omg... nothing has ever made it stop and actually help. He would have it run threw his legs probably ever 2 minutes, but they were small and not ever 5 seconds and he's actually sleeping now. Sorry I'm writing a book but I'm just so thankful for finding this and reading real advice from REAL people that have it and know the pain and misery from it. I will try my cupping on him tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you so much and thanks to anyone else who finds true remedies for this. Please keep up the great work! Blessings!


Hi Hussain did you get a long lasting result with the cod oil you was trying a couple of years ago.

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