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Ok. After 8 years a result. Lye flat on stomach. Imagine an upside down Jesus cross. On your back from tail bone up to neck and across the waist line. Get the Vicks out and get the wife to massage/rub up the tail bone and across the waist line. You will notice little bumps as she rubs the Vicks left to right along waist bone. And also feel some veins being pressed above tail bone.

It's worked for me. Please please try and submit your results. I want to test this on as many rls suffers as poss to see what the results are

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This really worked ! Thank you for the info


It worked for my mother ! I just applied it. I can't thank you enough


Hello. Great. Your welcome, another remedy I have found is to lye flat on the floor and get somebody to stand on your legs applying weight with the feet from the buttocks down to the knee joint and back up again, my 10 year old nephews weight for this does wonders!! This helps for when my RLS kicks in during the day or early evening rather than just before falling a sleep in bed at night


Having one of the kids walk on my back and down my legs had helped for many, many years before I ever heard of RLS. The kids are grown and gone, and I'm on Rx, but trying to help a neighbor who is severely struggling with this. Your comments may be life-restoring!! Thank you!!


Just did it and he had instant relief. Awesome. Thank you so much!!!


Desperate for relief for my 19 year old. Do you massage all the way to the neck or just to the waist?


Hello, just across the waist to be honest, I looked at some skeleton pics with veins running down the body to waist buttocks etc, so a few fat chunky ones that went down the waist lines & thought maybe a massage along waist would work?on the basis that it seems to be like veins on legs seize up/ tighten allowing less blood flow which maybe sets off rLS. Anyway tried the massage and it worked a treat!


I have not been diagnosed with RLS, but I would have occasional tingling across my back and more recently my forearms. Apparently stress related. My sleep was getting severely messed up. My nerves have been on overdrive. Fortunately, this does seem to work. Thank you!


I wanted to follow up and confirm a positive result and share some information of my own. My nerves felt better after applying the Vicks but I still was not able to sleep fully. I read how salt was useful to help repair the adrenals. I tried it having a mental image that I was re-stocking my body's supplies. What happened was, after putting a pinch of salt (in this case kosher) on my tongue, I became very drowsy and felt like a rag doll. The kind of relaxed that means YOU ARE GOING TO SLEEP. :) I searched online for salt and sleep and found it is a known concept. I had been running searches for weeks about nerves and sleep etc and none of them mentioned salt. It was only by chance that I started searching RLS rather than paresthesia and ended up here. Kinda wish the adjacent nature of these things weren't so compartmentalized, but I'll let that go in place of results.


Ok. Great. We seem to be getting results with this therapy. For those of you who are getting serious and intense RLS, I'm now going to suggest something even better than my Vicks remedy idea.

It's called 'hijama' in Arabic & cupping in English. Google it or even better watch on YouTube. This is seriously good therapy. I had my first ever session today. 3 'cups' in total. 1 on the back just below neck And 2 on lower back. The total process took 30mins, the result amazing.

It's probably the best way of detoxing your blood. The guy who carried out the procedure said if you use the example of a country's road motorway network. While the body cleans blood on main carriage ways. The side roads and slip roads get blocked up, this in turn leads to huge health problems such as cancer, diabeties etc. This is the ONLY way of removing those toxins to the extreme.

(This theory reinforces my belief that RLS has something to do with blood circulation)
Hence rubbing Vicks on the back in that area opening up the blockages?

I must say I hAve been waiting all evening for the RLS to kick in and so far it has not. My legs feel light almost weird. After 8 years of RLS I am almost used that 'feeling' well it's not come back yet!! While I would be willing to out my number here for those who don't feel confident about this process I don't think I am allowed to.

I am more than willing to and usually do come back to this forum to look specifically at this thread in order to help / talk / discuss so pls post any worry you have about cupping and I will do my best to help!!

Ps. Pls don't post rubbish comments about 50mg pils etc. I want a pill free cure to this problem!

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