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what i found out that works for me is that i took a small cup of warm water, some listerine and imitation vanilla extract. I didnt measure anything out but i mixed it all together aND rinsed my mouth out a few times and the pain started dulling after the second rinse. just make sure you put more vanilla in than anything else. Hope this helps

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karen squires

My adult son was in so much pain, I got up to help him, my faith in God and being a mother, I suggested warm salt water. Then the Holy Spirit said, mouth wash,my husband suggested vanilla. So I searched the internet and you site, suggested both mouth wash and real vanilla. My husband went out to get some type of pain reliever oh my goodness. It works, my son is resting now and I am waiting on him to return, it is 5 in the morning but we were all awesome, pretend doctors lololo. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful people that helped. This site was a great relief.

Ryan B.


You just saved my life. no dental insurance at this time and i work from home but the my car is f%$#ed up. pretty tough guy but tooth pain was damn near putting me to tears it was so bad. my girlfriend had bought vanilla extract not too long ago and i had mouth wash. within 5-10 mins of mixing the 2 and just holding it in my mouth it was gone for the most part and has been for the last hour. thank you thank you thank you could hug you right now lol.


amazing . i have four major tooth infections and two are wisdom teeth . cost 1600$ for them to be surgically removed and i dont have that kind of money . anyway the pain is unbarable my body shakes and the pain shoots right up into my head. i mixed up the vanilla with crest mouthwash and water , over two hours ago and its still not half as bad as it was . thankyou so much for that tip dude your a lifesaver you have no idea how much i appreciate you sharing that


I tried this and anything hot or warm is a killer on my teeth. I must be worst then the rest here. Funny but the only thing that is helping me is ice cubes. I have not slept very well in the last 3 to 4 days, maybe 2 or 3 hrs in those days total. I have DR.'s and Lawyers and repair place they are all so greedy when one needs help the most. I pray for this pain to go away but I need to learn it will go away on the Lords time and not my time. Please Lord take this pain away, In Jesus Name Amen.

Casey Birchall

Thank you so much it actually worked my husband is sleeping like a baby now you are a life and money saver by the way my mixture was 1/2 teaspoon warm water 1/2 teaspoon listerene and 1 1/2 of imitation vanilla extract in a shot glass thanks again God bless you.


My 13 year old son lost a filling and was in extreme pain. To the point of tears. We've tried ibuprofen, temporary fillings, and even NyQuil today to help him sleep. There is no dentist open on a Saturday, and nothing has worked. I read this article so I mixed equal parts vanilla extract with mouth wash and he swished for a few minutes. We repeated this 3 times. The pain has finally eased up enough to allow him to fall asleep. Awesome home remedy!!!


I used a tablespoon of vanilla extract. I swished it around for about 30 seconds. The pain is gone. Using this method you will feel some burning, but if you can hang in therenitnwill be worth it.


I used the same mixture that Casey Birchall used & let's just say THANK-YOU!!!!

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