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** This is for minor burns **
I have one of those flat top burner stoves and when wiping it down after making breakfast my pinkie glided over one of the, still HOT burner, leaving my pinkie burnt and me in agony! Best remedy I found that helped instantly was vinegar. Yep, just regular white distilled vinegar. I tried honey, it didn't work, save it for your toast! Now that the pain has subsided a tiny bit, I have an ice cubed wrapped in a paper towel, wrap around my pinkie. Which in all honesty, is really this best remedy!!! ICE IT UP!!!

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ice damages the skin further after a burn! what bhappens when you pour cold water on rocks? get a brain


Yellow mustard works great. Just smear over the burnt area and leave on a few minutes. Takes the pain and redness away instantly.

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