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So i got diagnosed this year with warts and to be honest you reading this aside from my boyfriend and doctor are the first to know. At first like most cases i felt ashamed like what me? warts? nah. But yeah. Then i got to thinking and it's just a growth of cells these just happen to appear on your genitals, and the fact that you can really cope with the virus is a relief. If anything all you should want to do is get healthy from this point on so your immune system can fight off the virus.
I myself have gotten my first outbreak chemically treated with TCA, however it left scarring (i am guilty of picking at it though) so i try to refrain from that. I've been reading all these great things about ACV so i picked some up on my way home to treat a blemish i discovered last night and so far after about 20 minutes of applying with a cotton ball my outbreak has turned white so i know it is working (my other treatment did the same thing and felt the same way, stung really bad at first but something to get used to). I have also started taking a whole-food vitamin three times a day due to the fact i find it hard to squeeze in the right amount of nutrition everyday, which you need to fight off the virus, i will also be looking into vitamin C to help boost my immune system so i can ward off any future warts now. I'm in the process of quitting smoking and hope to accomplish that this month. I will try to come back daily to update my home treatment because i know if you're like me you're curious, a little scared, and want to know what works so i would like to help in anyway possible.

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Wat is acv

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