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I have found that hands down, my miracle cure for bladder infections is D-Mannose sugar (available in health food stores). I have stopped the agony of a UTI within half an hour with this stuff, it's much better than those OTC pills and appears to actually cure the infection by making it unable to adhere to the walls of the bladder, not just mask the pain like those pills. It's a naturally occurring sugar that is the primary ingredient in cranberries responsible for its UTI curing properties, but it's very concentrated so you can take a teaspoon in a glass of water instead of drinking a gallon of cranberry juice. Very little taste, just sweet. I suggest Dr. Mercola's website, which gives a good explanation of how it works. At the moment I believe I may have a kidney infection - no pain but cloudy urine. Have never tried D Mannose for this but it is supposed to work on the entire urinary tract, so I'm giving it a shot.

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I didn't have good luck with D-Mannose but did have good luck with SERRAPEPTASE---an enzyme that cleans the lining of the bladder and helps it to function better making it healthier. That supplement along with two 500 mg. vitamin C does the trick. I take those three things at the first sign of a problem for 7 days and then take it after having sex, because that is what seems to bring it on!!!

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