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Thanks KayCee for your post! I wasn't too thrilled about inserting garlic or anything up there so I had to try the pills she suggested. My health food store didn't have same brand but had a similar leg vein pill with all the ingredients (check her post for list) & the Vitamin C with rosehips & bivlavinoids. My leg vein pill seemed to be in a plastic capsule so I emptied it & stirred it into my yogurt to make sure I would digest it. My vein pill said I could take 2/day & 3/day vitamin C- so I took them all at once after breakfast. As KayCee mentioned, be patient for results. In 2 days bleeding stopped, after 5 days- the pain was half of before. By day 12 almost no pain at all. Mine was an external about the size of a grape, on day 14 I felt some pain again so when I checked in the mirror, it was barely to size of a pea. So the pain I think was from the blood vessel shrinking & going back to where it belonged. I've been so happy cause anything my doctor prescribed didn't work & Prep H made it worse. Thanks again :)

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