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I have had a tooth that was filled through malpractice and because of the bad filling my tooth has been chipping apart and just recently a chunk of the tooth had broken off and is causing alot of pain. I have tried medicine, origel, mouthwash and even mouth cleaning liquids to stop the pain but there is one thing my mother had told me to use that helps numb the pain in the gums until you can get help. Take a black tea bag and run hot not warm but hot water on the tea bag and place the tea bag into your mouth gently being careful not to break the bag. the acids in the tea will help numb the pain down for a while and make it easier to handle. good luck

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Coconut oil
Buy it
It's sometime oil and others times it's like butter
Put in your mouth let it melt then gargle for ten minutes by the time you spit the pain will be gone


I would personally recommend bying the UNrefined type of coconut oil. It has worked wonders for my bad teeth. But I ran out, and my jar of refined coconut oil has not helped me at all. My guess is that is has something to do with the enzymes or something being destroyed during the refining process. Just a guess, though. Definitely try any coconut oil, if you have some-- but if you have the option, really, try and get unrefined. Good luck, everyone :)

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