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Advanced healing bandaids. Never heard of chiggers till moving to south. Turns out they love me. Tried most of the remedies but none helped the chigger bite heal w/o scarring. Best remedy I found is cover the bite with one of the new type bandages that form a seal around the sore cutting off all air, water, or opportunity to itch. These band aids are water proof and will stay on through several showers. They also have medicine inside them. They are also less visible than regular bandaids.
Nextcare is one brand, but I prefer the Target generic brand called 'blister bandages advanced healing.' Scratching these bites or other invasive remedies are really dangerous. Last year I had one in a skin fold. The constant irritation caused a staff infection.

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I found a product called New-Skin to be effective. Painted the spots and within two days it was obvious it was working. They were almost gone in a week.

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