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Apple cider vinegar really does work and fast! Thanks to everyone who posted on here, I feel like this saved my life! I'm free to date and be myself again, so exciting. Anyway I had about 10 warts near the base of my shaft and was hopeless. I applied ACV with q-tips for about an hour the first night. The next day they had turned completely white. I then repeated for about 4 more nights but only for 30 mins. In a week or so they had scabbed up and were completely gone! I used aloe Vera during the day to treat my skin, worked better than anything at the drug store. I'm so glad I found this site.

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can you be more spacific on your methods? when you say for an hour or half hour is that how long you let it dry for? did you wash it off? etc.



you are not entirely free to date everyone. HPV will stay with you for life. You can only give the other person HPV is you have sex during an outbreak of warts. So you should tell your partner that you have it no matter what. you can still pass it to others. be safe!

ACV Works

I was a bit skeptical of acv but it actually does work. Had one big cluster that is now gone in less than 5 days. Key was using acv on a small piece of cotton ball then covering with a bandaid for the first 4-5 days and keeping it on overnight. By day 2 it turned white, day 3 was getting black and already falling off. Also used a small piece of duct tape to cover during the day. Try this before doing any other treatments, definitely works and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

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